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Departmental Honors in ECE

Qualified ECE undergraduate students are encouraged to consider joining ECE Departmental Honors (DH) — an Advanced Scholarship track of Commonwealth Honors College — at the beginning of their junior year.  The DH track offers enhanced engineering coursework as well as the opportunity to work closely with an ECE faculty member on research or project work that culminates in an independent senior thesis. 

Prospective Students

General information on Departmental Honors can be found here, including: 

  • Program Requirements;

  • Admission Criteria; and

  • Application Processes (for current CHC members and for students who are not yet CHC members)

for the DH tracks in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering / Computer Systems Engineering. A more general overview of graduation with honors can be found here and some frequently asked questions are addressed here.

Current Students

Here are some useful links, including some important forms and documents:

  • Semester Plan for Honors Research (submit in April/May of junior year to register for ECE 499Y)

  • Thesis/Project Proposal (scroll down to Part II; submit in November/December of senior year to register for ECE 499T/ECE 499P)

  • Thesis/Project templates and completion (cover) forms can be found here.

  • Scholarships

  • FAQs


For further information, prospective and current DH students are encouraged to contact:

Professor Neal G. Anderson
ECE Honors Program Director
210E Marcus Hall