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Kirsten Helmer, Ed. D.

Microaggressions and Supportive Climate Workshop


Friday, February 26, 2021 - 4:00pm


Kirsten Helmer, Ed. D., UMass Center for Teaching and Learning



Kirsten Helmer, Ed. D., from the Center for Teaching and Learning, will lead us on an interactive discussion about micro aggressions. Recognizing and developing strategies for addressing micro aggressions is a key part of building a respective, supportive community. Participants will increase their knowledge about what micro aggressions are and the harm they can impart. In small breakouts, we’ll discuss scenarios, examining hidden messages and impact. We’ll then have an opportunity to discuss intervention strategies. We look forward to supporting ECE in your efforts to support a climate that is inclusive and welcoming to all. All ECE graduate students and faculty are encouraged to attend!