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Seminar: Kamalesh Sainath

“Robust Electromagnetic Algorithms to Model Sensors in Planar-Layered, Anisotropic Media”


Friday, February 26, 2016 - 11:15am


Kamalesh Sainath, Ohio State University




We discuss novel and potent, yet simple and elegant, modeling geometry-robust spectral-domain algorithms to compute time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) fields radiated in planar-layered media of general double-anisotropy and loss. The capability to model wave propagation and scattering, across the full electrodynamic spectrum, in diverse anisotropic media makes spectral-domain algorithms broadly applicable. To name a few phenomena easily modeled: (i) Radiation from antennas integrated into planar RF circuit boards with magnetic ferrite layers, (ii) Polarization distortion due to EM wave interaction with layered atmospheric, metamaterial, and optical crystal media, and (iii) Electromagnetic remote sensing of layered geophysical media.

We first discuss the array of implemented numerical techniques that give rise to the algorithms’ key features: Layering, material, and sensor geometry-robust (i) 6-100x computation speed increase (vs. traditional spectral-domain algorithms), (ii) low-frequency stability, (iii) exponential convergence, and (iv) rigorously controllable precision (i.e., up to fifteen digits of precision using double precision arithmetic). To demonstrate the algorithms’ performance, we show representative numerical precision and convergence results, followed by applying the algorithms to modeling the responses of propagation, induction, and quasi-DC remote sensors used in the prospection of hydrocarbon reserves.

Mr. Sainath received his BS Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree from the University of California Irvine (2011) and MSEE degree from The Ohio State University (2014). Supported by the NASA Space Technology Research Fellow (NSTRF) program, his Ph.D. EE (Expected 08/2016) research comprises development of robust spectral-domain numerical algorithms, as well as numerical and analytical models, to elucidate EM wave physics in planar-layered media, and the resultant quality and richness of data derived from polarimetric remote sensors.