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Seminar: Millitech -- Jared Greenberg, Darren Jones and Chris Merola

“Millitech Spartan System for Low-cost, High Quality Antenna Measurements”


Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 4:00pm


Millitech: Jared Greenberg, Darren Jones and Chris Merola


Gunness Student Center


Millitech has developed new millimeter-wave frequency extenders (Spartan Test Modules - STMs) that provide an economical alternative for performing measurements across V and E- bands. The modules allow for several test arrangements using conventional microwave test equipment. They can be used to convert vector network, scalar network or spectrum analyzer into millimeter-wave test stations.  The wide dynamic range of 70 to 80 dB for the STM applies directly to the side lobe levels in an antenna gain measurement. This puts the Spartan system at the same level as other mixer based systems that are as much as 10X the price of the STMs.  The Spartan has been used to make state-of-the-art antenna measurements either directly, in compact ranges, or in near-field ranges.

This talk will cover the Spartan Test Module system as well as cover a number of other development projects.

Millitech, Inc., a subsidiary of Smiths Microwave, specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of millimeter-wave components, assemblies, subsystems and fully integrated systems for applications in satellite communications, radiometry, radar and remote sensing. It has over 30 years of engineering, and manufacturing experience dedicated to providing the most technically advanced millimeter-wave products and services available, enabling customers to translate their ideas and needs into cost-effective solutions.