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Seminar: Tayfun Özdemir

“Wearable Reconfigurable Antennas”


Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 11:00am


Tayfun Özdemir, President, Virtual EM Inc.


Gunness Student Center


Virtual EM was founded in 2002 with the mission to develop disruptive technologies to serve the needs of the society. In the past thirteen years, the company settled on four core areas, namely, Antennas and RF Circuits, Computational Electromagnetics, Wireless Sensor Networks and Machine Learning. Today, antenna-related activities generate half of the business’ revenue and the focus has been on tunable, reconfigurable, or multi-beam antennas. Passive antennas are inexpensive but they fail to meet today’s aggressive requirements in many applications. In both military and civilian applications, there is a natural desire to replace the protruding antennas with conformal alternatives and serious challenges stand in the way of accomplishing this goal. Conformal designs tend to be narrow band and wearable antennas are prone to detuning necessitating introduction of tunability and reconfigurability.

This talk will summarize projects on two wearable designs: (1) A belt antenna for astronauts and (2) a vest antenna for soldiers. Both designs are based on the SSA technology and the reconfigurability allows the antennas to dynamically compensate for detuning caused by the movement of the body. The current prototypes have been manufactured on flexible Rogers substrates and a roadmap has been developed for embedding the antennas in flexible polymer substrates to make them truly wearable. Both designs operate in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band and support multi-beam operations in 802.11s mesh networks. Talk will cover design methodologies, computer modeling, prototyping and testing of these antennas.

Dr. Tayfun Özdemir is the President of Virtual EM Inc. (Ann Arbor, Michigan), where he manages business operations and leads technology development. Dr. Özdemir is also a co-founder of Monarch Antenna, Inc. (Ann Arbor, Michigan), where he serves as the Chief Technology Officer responsible for technology development involving embedded tunable antennas for LTE/4G handsets. Dr. Özdemir holds a patent on a planar integrated antenna and has over 25 years of experience in his field of expertise.