Douglas P. Looze

Associate Professor

113F Knowles Engineering Bldg
University of Massachusetts
151 Holdsworth Way
Amherst MA 01003-9284 

(413) 545-0973

S.B.E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974
S.M.E.E., 1975; Ph.D., 1978

Research Interests: 

Adaptive Optics 

Selected Publications: 
  • A. Wirth, D. P. Looze, J. Navetta, S. Hippler, and A. Glindeman, "Real-Time Modal Control Implementation for Adaptive Optics," Journal on Applied Optics, Vol. 37, No. 21, pp. 4586-4597.
  • Kasper M., Looze D., Hippler S., Herbst T., Glindemann A., Ott T., Wirth A., "ALFA: Adaptive Optics for the Calar Alto Observatory: Optics, Control System, and Performance," Experimental Astronnomy, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2000, pp. 49-74.
  • D. P. Looze and J. S. Freudenberg, "Tradeoffs and Limitations in Feedback Systems," in The Control Handbook, W. S. Levine (ed.), CRC Press, 1996, pp. 537-550.
  • D. P. Looze, "Realization of systems with CCD-based measurements," Automatica (accepted).
  • D. P. Looze, "Minimum variance control structure for adaptive optics," JOSA A (accepted).
Society Memberships: 

IEEE Control Systems Society 

Institutional & Professional Service: 

Reviewer IEEE. Reviewer Automatica. NSF SBIR Review Panel