Michael Zink

Assistant Professor

209F Knowles Engineering Building
University of Massachusetts
151 Holdsworth Way
Amherst MA 01003-9292 

(413) 545-4465

M.Sc., Darmstadt University of Technology, 1997
Ph.D., Darmstadt University of Technology, 2003  

Research Interests: 

Integrative Systems Engineering, sense-and-response sensor networks, sensor virtualization, distribution of high-bandwidth, high-volume data, the design and analysis of long-distance wireless networks, and network measurements 

Selected Publications: 
  • David McLaughlin, David Pepyne, V.Chandrasekar, Brenda Philips, James Kurose, Michael Zink et al., Short-Wavelength Technology and the Potential for Distributed Networks of Small Radar Systems. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. April 2009.
  • Pablo Serrano, Michael Zink, Jim Kurose, Assessing the fidelity of COTS 802.11 sniffers. In Proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, April 2009.
  • Michael Zink, Kyoungwon Suh, Yu Gu, and Jim Kurose, Characteristics of YouTube Network Traffic at a Campus Network - Measurements, Models, and Implications. Elsevier Computer Networks. Vol. 53, No. 4, March 2009
  • Michael Zink, Eric Lyons, David Westbrook, Jim Kurose, and David Pepyne, Closed-loop Architecture for Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere: Meteorological Command & Control. International Journal for Sensor Networks (IJSNET)(Vol.6 No.4).
  • Michael Zink, Kyoungwon Su, Yu Gu, and Jim Kurose, Watch Global Cache Local: YouTube Network Traces at a Campus Network - Measurements and Implications. In Proceedings of MMCN 2008, San Jose, CA, USA, Jan 2008.  Best Paper Award!
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Honors & Awards: 

Best Paper at Multimedia Computing and Networking 2008