Neal G. Anderson


210E Marcus Hall
University of Massachusetts
100 Natural Resources Rd
Amherst MA 01003-9292

(413) 545-0765

B.S.E.E., Michigan State University, 1983
M.S., North Carolina State University, 1985; Ph.D., 1988

Research Interests: 

Physical information theory; fundamental limits in nanoelectronic information processing; nanocomputing; nanoscale and quantum devices for computing and photovoltaics.

Selected Publications: 
  •      ilke Ercan and Neal G. Anderson, "Heat Dissipation in Nanocomputing: Lower Bounds from Physical Information Theory," IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 12, pp. 1047-1060 (2013).
  •      Neal G. Anderson, ilke Ercan, and Natesh Ganesh, "Toward Nanoprocessor Thermodynamics," IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 12, pp. 902-909 (2013). 
  •      Natesh Ganesh and Neal G. Anderson, "Irreversibility and Dissipation in Finite-State Automata," Physics Letters A 377, pp. 3266-3271 (2013).
  •      Kyle J. Stearns and Neal G. Anderson, "Throughput-Dissipation Tradeoff in Partially Reversible Nanocomputing: A Case Study," Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures, pp. 101-105 (2013).
  •      Neal G. Anderson, Fadi Maalouli, and Jeremy Mestancik, "Quantifying the Computational Efficacy of Nanocomputing Channels," Nano Communication Networks 3, pp. 139-150 (2012).
  •      Neal G. Anderson, "On the physical implementation of logical transformations: Generalized L-Machines,"  Theoretical Computer Science 411, pp. 4179-4199 (2010).
Society Memberships: 

American Association for the Advancement of Science. American Physical Society. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Optical Society of America, Philosophy of Science Association

Honors & Awards: 

Best Oral Conference Paper Award (First Place), IEEE NANO (2012); Best Paper Award, IEEE NANO (2011); University Distinguished Teaching Award (2006); College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award (1993).