Wayne Burleson


309B Knowles Engineering Bldg
University of Massachusetts
151 Holdsworth Way
Amherst MA 01003-9284

(413) 545-2382

B.S., MIT, 1983, M.S., 1983;
Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1989

Research Interests: 

VLSI Circuit Design (Variation, Noise, Interconnects, Clocking and Power), VLSI Architectures for DSP, Cryptography, Graphics,  Embedded Security (RFID, PUF, TRNG, Side-channels, Payment Systems, Transportation, Medical Devices), Adaptive Systems on Chip, VLSI Signal Processing, Multimedia for Engineering Education

Selected Publications: 
  • R Vadlamani, J Zhao, W Burleson, R. Tessier “Multicore Soft Error Rate Stabilization Using Adaptive Dual Modular Redundancy”  DATE 2010
  • L. Lin, D. Holcomb, D. K. Krishnappa, P. Shabadi, W. Burleson.  “Low-Power Sub-threshold Design of Secure Physical Unclonable Functions.”  ISLPED,  2010. 
  • B Datta, W Burleson, “Calibration of on-chip thermal sensors using process monitoring circuits”, ISQED, 2010
  • D. Holcomb, K. Fu, W. Burleson “Power-up SRAM State as an Identifying Fingerprint and Source of True Random Numbers”, IEEE Transactions on Computers., December, 2009
  • L. Lin, M. Kasper, T. Guneysu, C. Paar, W. Burleson. “Trojan side-channels: lightweight hardware Trojans through side-channel engineering.” CHES 2009.
Society Memberships: 

IEEE, ACM, ASEE and Sigma Xi

Honors & Awards: 

2011 IEEE Fellow for contributions in Integrated Circuit Design and Signal Processing, 2011;  1999 Ben Dasher Award for Best Paper at the IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, 1999; Outstanding Junior Faculty Member, College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Outstanding Faculty Contribution to IEEE Student Branch

Institutional & Professional Service: 

 University Faculty Senate Committee on On-Line Learning and Continuing Education , ECE Personnel Committee, ECE Department Accreditation ABET Task Force, Senior Member of Signal Processing Society, Member of Circuits and Systems Society, Member of Computer Society, Chair of IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Committee on the Design and Implementation of DSP Systems (DISPS), Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on VLSI, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Co-Chair, IEEE VLSI Signal Processing Workshop, Co-Program Chair, IEEE Signal Processing Systems Workshop (SIPS), Editorial Board of Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems, Organizing Committee of Conference on Microelectronics Systems Education