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Nanoelectronics Theory and Simulation Laboratory

We are focusing our research activities in theoretical and computational nanosciences with engineering applications related to emerging semiconductor nanostructures, post-CMOS nanoelectronic devices and computing paradigms, and nanoenergy materials. Our current research topics include:

  • First-principles DFT electronic structure calculations and quantum electron transport modeling
  • Electro-thermal transport simulations, nanoscale heat transfer, and dissipation in nanoscale devices
  • Energy applications: thermoelectric energy conversion and thermal devices
  • Quantum-physical models of classical information processing in nanosystems
  • Exploration of fundamental physical limits in nanoelectronic computing via physical information theory
  • Fundamental studies of heat dissipation in nanoelectronic computing.
  • real-time TDDFT calculations: applications to electronic spectroscopy and THz response of Carbon-based devices
  • Large-scale numerical simulations, numerical algorithms and high-performance computing

Engineering Thematic Area: