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Announcement of Tenure & Promotion

The College of Engineering is delighted to announce our newly-tenured and/or promoted faculty members, as voted by the UMass Board of Trustees on August 2, 2019.

 Tenure and promotion to associate professor

  • Zlatan Aksamija, electrical and computer engineering:  Aksamija is an expert in nanoscience for energy-efficient electronic and thermoelectric materials.  Most recently, his lab is collaborating with the department of architecture on the use of thermoelectrics to improve the energy efficiency of building facades. 
  • Eleni Christofa, civil and environmental engineering: Christofa conducts research on efficient and sustainable traffic operations, management, and safety strategies for urban multimodal transportation systems. Her focus is on enhancing infrastructure design and developing real-time signal control strategies to improve person mobility, air quality, and safety for all users.
  • Eric Gonzales, civil and environmental engineering: Gonzales is interested in the operation, management, design, and safety of large-scale multimodal transportation systems.  By modeling urban street networks and behaviors of travelers, he identifies ways to organize and minimize costs as well as optimize systems for multiple sustainability objectives. 
  • David Irwin, electrical and computer engineering: Irwin centers his research on experimental computer systems with an emphasis on applications to sustainability. He solves problems arising from the rapid growth in the energy usage and cost of modern computing platforms, which span cloud data centers, distributed sensors, and mobile devices.
  • Stephen Nonnenmann, mechanical and industrial engineering:  Nonnenmann works at the intersection of nanomaterials and surface science. His group designs and probes active surfaces and interfaces that govern functional phenomena critical to nanoelectronic, energy, and biological applications.

Promotion to full professor

  • Chul Park, civil and environmental engineering: Park’s research is on wastewater treatment including the commercialization of his patented process using anaerobic side-stream reactor treatment and anaerobic digestion to minimize sludge, a naturally generated byproduct of biological wastewater treatment.  Sludge removal presents a significant financial and operational challenge for treatment plants.

These six accomplished faculty excel as teachers, scholars, and researchers. We are proud of the recognition they have received in their respective fields and welcome the positive impacts of their current and future work.