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CSE Electives

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CSE Electives


3, 4


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Fall, Spring

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  • All BS-CSE majors are required to take four Senior electives. The electives must include at least two 500-level courses (or above) that may NOT be used to fill the requirements for any other major.

  • The list of approved CSE electives from ECE are:

    ECE 324    Electronics II
    ECE 333    Fields and Waves I
    ECE 344    Semiconductor Devices and Materials
    ECE 544    Trustworthy Computing
    ECE 558    Intro. to VLSI Design
    ECE 559    VLSI Design Project
    ECE 563    Intro. to Comm. & Signal Processing
    ECE 564    Communication Systems
    ECE 565    Digital Signal Processing
    ECE 568    Introduction to Computer Architecture
    ECE 570    System Software Design
    ECE 571    Microelectronic Fabrication
    ECE 572    Optoelectronics
    ECE 575    Intro. to Analog IC Design
    ECE 580    Feedback Control Systems
    ECE 581    Digital Control of Feedback Systems
    ECE 584    Microwave Engineering I
    ECE 585    Microwave Engineering II
  • All ECE 597 Special Topics courses and all 600-level ECE courses (except ECE 696) are allowed as well.

  • The following CMPSCI courses are approved as CSE electives, but enrollment in them is not guaranteed. Priority is given to CMPSCI students.

    CMPSCI 311    Introduction to Algorithms
    CMPSCI 377    Operating Systems
    CMPSCI 383    Artificial Intelligence
    CMPSCI 403    Introduction to Robotics
    CMPSCI 410    Compiler Techniques
    CMPSCI 445    Information Systems
    CMPSCI 446    Search Engines
    CMPSCI 474    Image Synthesis
    CMPSCI 501    Formal Language Theory
    CMPSCI 513    Logic in Computer Science
    CMPSCI 520    Software Engin: Synthesis and Development
    CMPSCI 521    Software Engin: Analysis and Evaluation
    CMPSCI 529    Software Engin: Project Management
    CMPSCI 585    Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • ENGIN 597H (Technology Management: Innovation & Entrepreneurship) is approved as a CSE elective. However, it will NOT count as one of two 500-level required electives.

  • To propose a different Senior elective, fill out the Alternative Elective Request Form and submit it to the Undergraduate Programs Office. (The form can be downloaded here. The location of the Undergraduate Programs Office can be found under Advising Resources.)

[To see the full list of courses and categories, go to Course Summaries & Notes.]