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ECE 212

Course Summary


Circuit Analysis II





ECE 211  Circuit Analysis I



Other restrictions

Open to ENGIN, EE and CS-ENG majors



Term(s) offered

Spring, Summer

Minimum grade needed to graduate


Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

ECE 313  Signals & Systems (with MATH 235 or MATH 331)
ECE 323  Electronics I
ECE 333  Fields & Waves
ECE 344  Semiconductor Devices & Materials
ECE 558  Intro. VLSI Design (with ECE 232)
ECE 597D  Power Systems

Honors version / section



  • Courses offered in the winter and summer terms are administered by CPE (Continuing and Professional Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.

  • The summer version of ECE 212 is intended for students who have taken the spring version and earned below C. In addition...

    • Instructor permission is required (for the summer version).

    • Students do not need to be in Amherst to take ECE 212 during most of the summer. (See exception below for the lab component.)

    • Students do need to sign up for a secure testing service. In other words, you do not need to visit Marcus 8 to do secure testing. You will be able to do secure testing from anywhere you have internet access.

    • In order to complete the lab component of the course, students need to be in Amherst during one week in August just before the class ends (usually Wednesday to Wednesday).

    • Scores on labs and MATLAB exercises carry over from the spring version of the course, although students are free to redo and resubmit as desired.

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