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ECE 232

Course Summary


Hardware Organization & Design




ENGIN 112  Intro. to Engineering, ECE (Fall 2014 or before)
ECE 221  Intro. to Digital & Computer Systems



Other restrictions

Open to ENGIN, EE and CS-ENG majors



Term(s) offered

Spring, Summer (2nd session)

Minimum grade needed to graduate


Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

ECE 353  Computer Systems Lab I (with ECE 242)
ECE 558  Intro. VLSI Design (with ECE 212)
ECE 568  Computer Architecture
ECE 570  System Software Design (with ECE 242)

Honors version / section



  • Starting in Fall 2015, the focus of ENGIN 112 is no longer digital design. Instead, ECE 221 (Intro. to Digital and Computer Systems) is offered as the prerequisite for ECE 232 (Hardware Organization & Design). Thus, the prerequisite for ECE 232 is either ENGIN 112 (Fall 2014 or before) or ECE 221.

  • Courses offered during the summer are administered by CPE (Continuing and Professional Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.

  • The summer version of ECE 232 is intended for students who have taken the spring version and earned below C. Highly motivated students who have completed a course in digital design may also enroll. In addition...

    • Instructor permission is required (for the summer version).

    • Students do not need to be in Amherst to take ECE 232 during the summer. Contact the instructor for more information.

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