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ECE 313

Course Summary


Signals & Systems





ECE 212  Circuit Analysis II
MATH 235  Intro Linear Algebra
MATH 331  Ordinary Differential Equations



Other restrictions

Open to Senior or Junior EE and CS-ENG majors only



Term(s) offered


Minimum grade needed to graduate


Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

ECE 314  Intro. Probability & Random Processes
ECE 563  Intermediate Communications & Signal Processing (with ECE 314)
ECE 580  Feedback Control Systems

Honors version / section



  • A passing grade in either MATH 235 (Intro Linear Algebra) or MATH 331 (Ordinary Differential Equations) fulfills the math prerequisite, but both are recommended.

  • H313 is a separate 1-credit seminar for Honors students. (If H313 cannot be found on SPIRE, try searching for ECE courses containing "H".) Non-Honors students will need instructor's permission to enroll.

  • Interested students who are still PR-ENGIN majors must fill out an Override Request Form (here) and take it to the Undergraduate Programs Office.

  • It is sometimes possible to take ECE 314 (Intro. Probability & Random Processes) without having passed ECE 313, but students will need to fill out an Override Request Form (here) and take it to the Undergraduate Programs Office. (The location of the Undergraduate Programs Office can be found under Advising Resources.)

  • A student who passes this course, but earns below C, is not required to retake the course, but may choose to retake the course to improve his/her cumulative GPA. Note that it is the LAST grade, NOT the best grade that counts. For more information, go to Course Retake Policy.

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