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ECE 499Y / T / P

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Honors Project / Honors Thesis







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Fall, Spring

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[These are Honors courses.]


  • Contact the Bloom Honors Advising Center in 201 Commonwealth Honors College to add one of these courses.

  • IND stands for "Individualized Study".

  • ECE 499Y is typically taken in the fall semester. "Y" stands for "Year-long grading", and a grade of Y is given initially, then changed to another grade once ECE 499T or ECE 499P is completed.

  • ECE 499T or ECE 499P is typically taken in the spring semester. "T" stands for "Thesis", and "P" stands for "Project".

  • Although the number of credits is variable, students usually sign up for 3 credits during each semester.

  • Students may use ECE 499T or ECE 499P to fulfill one of their Senior electives.

  • Students in iCons (Integrated Concentration in Science) might be allowed to use ECE 499T or ECE 499P for their final project. Contact the iCons program for details. In particular, the project would need to be approved by both the iCons program and the ECE department. (The iCons program needs to verify that the project is broad enough to qualify; the ECE department needs to verify that the project has sufficient engineering content.)

  • ECE 499T or ECE 499P cannot be used to replace ECE 415 and ECE 416 (Senior Design Project I and II). In particular, ECE 499T/P is a research project done individually by each student in consultation with a faculty advisor. ECE 415 and ECE 416 is a design project done by a small team of three or four students under the supervision of a faculty advisor, one or two course coordinators, and two faculty evaluators.

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