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Research Area: Signals & Systems

Using the theory of signal representation and system dynamics, ECE faculty members conduct research in: signal and image processing; communication, computer and sensors networks; information theory, physical-layer security; biomedical systems; and algorithms for machine and brain-inspired learning.

Research Laboratories

Complex Systems Modeling and Control Laboratory

Our lab conducts research in algorithmic mechanisms for concept abstraction and the intelligence of analogy-making.

Control in Biomedical Systems Lab

Our mission is to develop feedback control methods and tools for biomedical applications.

High-Dimensional Signal Processing Group
The group’s research interests are Pattern Recognition, Digital Signal Processing, and in general Computer Engineering topics.
Pishro-Nik Lab
Conducts research in the areas of communication systems and networks, sensor networks, error control coding, information theory, signal processing for communications and data storage, algorithms and security.
Wireless Systems Laboratory

The lab conducts research in physical-layer communication theory and practice, and network science.