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Research Area: Networked Systems

In networking the world, the Internet profoundly impacts the way we communicate. Our faculty members’ research covers the continuing evolution of the Internet; its impact on the reliable and secure delivery of multimedia, personalized healthcare and commerce; and as the fabric connecting cyber and physical systems.

Research Laboratories

Collaborative Adaptice Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA)

CASA is a multi-sector partnership among academia, industry, and government dedicated to engineering revolutionary weather-sensing networks. These innovative networks will save lives and property by detecting the region of the lower atmosphere currently below conventional radar range — mapping storms, winds, rain, temperature, humidity, and the flow of airborne hazards.

Mobile Evolution Lab

The twin goals of the lab are to pursue research in hybrid wireless networks (involving 4G and 5G) and mobile platforms architectures and protocols, and then apply this knowledge to developing socially responsible systems to betterment of the world.

The 5G Mobile Evolution Lab facilities, directed by Dr. Ganz, reside in Knowles Engineering Building. The facilities include: high end workstations, tablets, laptops, Smartphones, NFC equipment, wireless LAN equipment, wide area networking equipment, network management software, wide area network protocol analyzer, wireless protocol analyzer, web hosting commercial software, LINUX and Windows OS.

Multimedia Networking & Internet Lab

This lab focuses on enhancing the reliability and security of the Internet, including research on wired and wireless networks as well as Internet backbone networks. Current research topics include manageability and reliability of future routing systems, programmable routers for network virtualization, and multimedia streaming in the Internet.

Network Systems Laboratory
The lab’s research focus is computer networks with a particular focus on how to introduce novel functionality into network systems and the overall network architecture. My students and I work on future network architecture, router systems, and embedded system and network security. We approach these problems from a theoretical as well as practical angle and place emphasis on the implementation of prototype systems for validation and to obtain quantitative performance data.
Sustainable Computing Lab

Our research focuses on designing experimental software systems with an emphasis on improving their sustainability and energy-efficiency. We solve problems arising from the rapid growth in the energy usage and cost of modern computing platforms, which span cloud data centers, distributed sensors, and mobile devices. We also design systems that leverage computation, networking, and sensing to improve society’s sustainability, such as optimizing the energy usage and cost of smart electric grids and buildings. As such, our research cuts across multiple areas, including operating systems and virtualization, distributed systems and networking, cloud computing, embedded sensor systems, security and privacy, data analytics, and economics. Our research approach is experimental in nature and focuses on designing, deploying, and analyzing functioning prototypes at scale.

Systems Towards Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics (STIMA) Lab

STIMA studies infrastructure in the developed and developing world, including energy and building systems, but also transportation, water, and sanitation systems. In my work, I use embedded and mobile devices, machine learning, and controls.