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Research Area: Quantum Processors

Quantum computers require new integrated technologies to scale the number of qubits for practical applications. ECE researchers design quantum processors, integrated cryogenic circuits and photonics to try to scale up quantum computers based on transmon and trapped ion qubits.

Research Laboratories

Radio Frequency Nanoelectronics Group

In the UMass Amherst Radio Frequency Nanoelectronics Group, students and scientists work with cutting-edge semiconductor technologies and investigate topics ranging from fundamental device physics to the design of complex integrated systems. The Amherst Radio Frequency Nanoelectronics Laboratory is directed by Professor Joseph Bardin.

UMass⁺ Trapped Ions Lab

The UMass⁺ Trapped Ions lab develops integrated technologies like photonics for trapped ion QPUs. Developing trapped ion QPUs with integrated photonics and other integrated technologies like RF/DC electronics and detectors may enable the next generation of quantum hardware towards large scale quantum computers and practical applications. The UMass Trapped Ions Lab is directed by Professor Robert Niffenegger.