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Course Summary


Intro. to Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering






MATH 131  Calculus I, or higher
ENGLWRIT 112  College Writing, or eligibility to enroll in College Writing

Other restrictions

Must be PR-ENGIN major (i.e., be in the College of Engineering)



Term(s) offered


Minimum grade needed to graduate


Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

ECE 232  Hardware Organization & Design (only if ENGIN 112 was taken Fall 2014 or earlier)

Honors version/section



  • Starting in Fall 2015, the focus of ENGIN 112 is no longer digital design. Instead, ECE 221 (Intro. to Digital and Computer Systems) is offered as the prerequisite for ECE 232 (Hardware Organization & Design).

  • If any of the corequisites or other restrictions are not met, the student will need instructor's permission to enroll. If desired, students can fill out an Override Request Form (here) and turn it in to the Undergraduate Programs Office. (For location information, go to Advising Resources.)

  • Students can take ENGIN 112 in the fall of their second year and still be on track for graduating in four years.

  • A grade of C or better in ENGIN 112 (or any of the other ENGIN 11x courses) is needed to be admitted to either the BS-CSE or BS-EE major (Computer Systems Engineering or Electrical Engineering).

  • Students already in the College of Engineering, but who are not PR-ENGIN majors, will need to change their majors to PR-ENGIN with a CSE or EE subplan. (This will also make it easier to enroll in classes and get an advisor from ECE.)

  • Students who have earned a grade of C or better in ENGIN 110, ENGIN 111, or ENGIN 113 do not need to take ENGIN 112. The graduation requirement, as well as the requirement for admission to a major in ECE, is fulfilled by any ENGIN 11x course.

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