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Guidelines for ECE Graduate Students Taking Flex Courses

Guidelines for ECE Graduate Students Taking Flex Courses

The ECE department is introducing Flex courses through University Without Walls (UWW) in various formats to allow flexibility for our graduate students. This ranges from a completely remote, on-line format to a hybrid format that allows students to take some courses remotely, while working, on internships, or on a part-time basis. It should be emphasized that not all courses are available in all formats, or during all semesters. There are advantages and disadvantages to both on-campus and off-campus offerings. Taking courses on campus provides more options to students (such as access to the instructors; peer communications and discussions; and specialized lab equipment).

  1. Graduate students may not register for UWW courses during the academic year (i.e. Fall and Spring Semesters) without department permission.
  2. All graduate students may register for any UWW courses offered during Winter and Summer sessions (as opposed to academic year).
  3. Due to immigration requirements, no more than one UWW course per semester may count towards full-time enrollment. Graduate students on F1 or J1 visas need to maintain a full-time enrollment status.
  4. All international graduate students requiring certification of their MS degrees in their own countries should contact the respective agencies in their countries for the requirements of such certification (especially regarding UWW and in-person course requirements).
  5. Due to OFAC regulations, students residing in certain countries (such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria) are not eligible to register for UWW courses.
  6. Non-degree students must contact the instructor for permission to enroll.

Example Scenarios:

  • International students admitted to the MSECE program who do not obtain an F1 visa (and stay in their home countries), may register for UWW courses in the College of Engineering during the academic year and during the summer/winter sessions. Students residing in OFAC sanctioned countries may not take UWW courses.
  • 4+1 students not on F1 visas may complete their MSECE degree by taking UWW courses at any time. Note: 4+1 students are automatically admitted to the MSECE program.
  • MSECE students may take UWW courses in the summer immediately following acceptance.
  • US citizens or permanent residents may complete their MSECE degree taking only UWW courses at any time.
  • International graduate students on CPT or OPT may take UWW courses.