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MATH 131

Course Summary


Calculus I (Differential Calculus)







Other restrictions

Students must take the Math Placement test before they can enroll.



Minimum grade needed to graduate


Term(s) offered

Fall, Spring, Summer

Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

MATH 132  Calculus II (Integral Calculus)
PHYS 151  General Physics I (corequisite)

Honors version / section



  • A score of 20 or higher on the Math Placement test is recommended.

  • A grade of C or better is needed to switch into the College of Engineering (from outside the college, with ENGLWRIT 112 and PHYS 151 or CHEM 111). For more information, go to Admission to the College of Engineering.

  • A grade of C or better is also needed to be admitted to a major within ECE (BS-CSE or BS-EE, with five other courses). For more information, go to Admission to the Major (CSE or EE).

  • To take at another institution (other than UMass Amherst), an equivalent course must be Differential Calculus for science and/or engineering majors. For more information, go to Taking Classes outside UMass Amherst.

  • A score of 4 or 5 is needed on the AP Calculus AB, BC, or BC-AB subscore to earn credit for MATH 131. This will appear on a student's Transfer Credit Report and Course History once the score has been sent to the Registrar's office.

  • Courses offered in the summer are administered by CPE (Continuing and Professional Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.


  • If a student has earned AP credit for MATH 131, they can choose to take the class anyway, especially if the first week or two of MATH 132 (Calculus II) is too difficult. In other words, students are encouraged to enroll in MATH 132 if they have AP credit for MATH 131. But MATH 132 should be relatively easy at the start; if the "review" part of the course near the beginning is covering new material for a particular student, they should probably switch into MATH 131. (Engineering courses will inevitably use calculus, so it's best to build a proper foundation of knowledge and skills, rather than take a course that is too hard and end up earning a C or worse.)

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