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MATH 331

Course Summary


Ordinary Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers




MATH 132  Calculus II


MATH 233  Multivariate Calculus

Other restrictions




Minimum grade needed to graduate


Term(s) offered

Fall, Spring, Summer

Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite

ECE 313  Signals & Systems (with ECE 212)

Honors version / section



  • If a student has passed MATH 235 (Intro. Linear Algebra), but has not passed MATH 331, they may use MATH 235 as an alternative prerequisite for ECE 313.

  • BS-CSE and BS-EE students do not need to take MATH 233 before or during MATH 331. Typically, BS-EE students take MATH 233 afterwards. BS-CSE students are not required to take MATH 233 (although they can use it as their Thematic elective).

  • To take this course at another institution (other than UMass Amherst), an equivalent course should include matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations, vector spaces, linear transformations, and eigenvalues. (For more information, go to Taking Classes outside UMass Amherst.)

  • Courses offered in the summer are administered by CPE (Continuing and Professional Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.

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