MS ECE Degree Programs

Graduate Degrees

The Graduate Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Students may pursue their M.S. degree either through a full-residency program on the Amherst campus, or through the Live digital learning platform 1 semester + campus or 2 semesters + campus options delivered in part at a Global Study Center overseas or directly to your device as well as on the Amherst campus.

Students who pursue these degrees are usually involved in ongoing research projects with ECE faculty. The faculty work collaboratively to have an impact on the grand challenges of engineering. They have won prestigious awards such as the IEEE Lifetime Achievement award, NSF CAREER awards, and election to Fellow grade of the IEEE. Their research interests range from the fundamental underpinnings of emerging nanoelectronic devices, circuits, and computing architectures, all the way up to large complex, integrated, electronic sensing systems, designed to sense processes ranging from the geophysical to the biological. These complex systems are enabled by ubiquitous computing comprised of embedded systems, managed by wireless communication and computer networks, and understood via mathematical systems modeling.

NEW in 2021: Hybrid ECE Program

1 Semester + Campus Option

Get a head start on your ECE degree: Begin your studies remotely with one semester on our Live digital teaching platform, then travel to the US and complete your degree on campus in Amherst, Massachusetts. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is available after your first semester on campus!

Live digital platform: Two academic courses

– Foundations of Computer Engineering
– Algorithms

On campus: Eight academic courses
Choose from UMass Amherst’s extensive ECE course curriculum once you arrive on campus. For more information on available courses, please visit the UMass Engineering curriculum website.

Traditional two-year MS based on campus in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA with opportunities to participate in locally-based academic research led by university faculty.

A 16-month program designed for working engineers based in their home country.

The ECE MS 2 semesters + campus option is a two-year program that begins in your home country and ends in the U.S. Spend the first two semesters taking live, remote courses in a classroom environment or directly to your device, then travel to the U.S. to complete your second year on our campus in Amherst, Massachusetts. In some locations, you can even begin your master’s degree in your final year of undergrad.

Prerequisite Courses

Software Prerequisites


Hardware Prerequisites


Disclaimer: The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a U.S. accredited university. You may be required to submit your degree for verification (sometimes called “validation” or “authentication”), either by your employer or your country’s education authority if you wish to live and work in your home country. It is your responsibility to determine what level of verification is needed and how to obtain it. We do not guarantee that any UMass Amherst degree will be verified outside of the U.S. Foreign degree verification does not impact the validity or value of your degree in the U.S.