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Prerequisite Courses For MS ECE

Professional and/or academic background in Engineering is required. Applicants must possess 1) and 2). 3) may be used in subjective review.
  1. Direct qualifying undergraduate degrees: If you have an undergraduate degree in one of the following majors,
    1. Electrical Engineering
    2. Computer Engineering
    3. Computer Science

  2. Completion of qualifying academic courses:
    If you don’t have any of the degrees listed above, but have completed all of the following courses with an average grade of 80% or above,
         UMass Amherst ECE 122 Introduction to Programming for ECE
         UMass Amherst ECE 241 Data Structures & Algorithms
         UMass Amherst ECE 124 Introduction to Digital and Computer Systems
         UMass Amherst ECE 331 Hardware Organization & Design
    *If you are missing one or more of these courses above, and are applying at least one month before the application deadline, please see Section below “Courses Available Online “ for options.

  3. Relevant and verified work experiences:
    Students with non-related Engineering academic backgrounds as listed in Path 1) above or lacking any of the courses listed in Path 2) may still be considered for admission, if they are able to provide verifiable proof for relevant work experiences that could serve as alternatives. This would require additional faculty review and must meet all additional admission requirements.

Courses Available Online

Course 1.
This course will satisfy Course UMass Amherst ECE 122 Introduction to Programming for ECE requirement. Please note that this course as last offered in Summer 2018 semester, and registration timeline was March 12 - May 25 2018.
Time: May 21 - June 29, 2018
Cost: Base cost: $1928 ($482/credit); Term fee: $47
More information:

This course is currently un-available. The information here is for reference only. Upcoming course offering link will be posted here once it becomes available.

Course 2.
This course is an alternative to the qualifying course ECE 122 Introduction to Programming for ECE. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, MIT
Time: Self-paced. Students can enroll anytime
Estimated time needed: 4-6 weeks
$49 USD for a verified certificate
Course 3.
This course is an alternative to the qualifying course ECE 241 Data Structures & Algorithms.
Data Structures and Software Design + Algorithm Design and Analysis, U Penn
This includes 2 parts:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Time: self-paced
Cost: USD$300 for both certificates

Course 4.
This course is an alternative to the qualifying courses ECE 122 + ECE 241 (will fulfill both requirements)
Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals, Duke
Time: Available now. Students can enroll every 2-3 weeks
Cost: USD$250 for 5 verified certificates

*Please note that there are five mini-courses in this series. Students must pass all five courses in order to be considered qualified.
Course 5.
This course is an alternative to the qualifying course ECE 124: Introduction to Digital and Computer Systems.
Digital Systems: From Logic Gates to Processors, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Time: Offered every month on Coursera 
Cost: USD $49 for a verified certificate.

Course 6.
There is no alternative course available for this prerequisite.
How to enroll:
Time: Offered in the summer (May-August)
Cost: USD$2,000 approx.

*When this course is not offered, students can take an Independent Study Course with ECE faculty as an alternative. Please consult with your Enrollment Advisor or Academic Advisor for more details.

Verification Methods

Coursera: A verification URL is on the certificate that allows others to check the certificate's authenticity.
EdX: Students can send a URL to the verified certificate on EdX’s website so employers and universities can validate its authenticity.