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Self-Expression in Global Engineering


Electrical and computer engineering is global. This is a universal truth. ECE brings people together by helping us live our lives, making it possible to live better and smarter. Technology changes lives—through smartphones, smarter cities, AI working in tandem with big data and deep learning to make every link in the chain of modern life seamless and optimized. When what you do permeates every aspect of commerce and life, then the potential to make a difference is limitless.

Skills are not ends in themselves anymore. Every new skill—especially in the ever-evolving field of Electrical and Computer Engineering—is an opportunity to branch out in a new discipline, which will open pathways for you to explore, learn, and create. The Internet of Things ensures that everything is connected. Everything has a brain and that brain is connected to a bigger brain in the form of the cloud bringing intelligent devices together. Because platforms are built upon each other, your projects will have far-reaching applications.

Engineering, then, is not just a job to build a better mousetrap or a faster DVD player. It becomes the language with which you express yourself. It’s how you leave your mark, how you change the world. Engineering becomes a form of self-expression. It is the ultimate melding of form, function, and art.

When you earn your ECE Master’s, you will enter the workforce with tools to change the world. How will you reshape it?


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