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UMass Dartmouth’s power-efficient, solar-powered computer system


At the 2017 HPC (High Performance Computing) Day, UMass Dartmouth’s Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research (CSCVR) debuted a small prototype GPGPU computing system, that is powered purely using solar panels. The unique feature of this system is its extremely high power efficiency—an order-of-magnitude larger than traditional systems, made possible by leveraging highly-efficient consumer electronics (in particular, Nvidia Shield TV “set-top” units). The CSCVR has a history of developing innovative supercomputers from using gaming consoles to more recently, using video-gaming graphics cards and mobile-devices.

The CSCVR provides undergraduate and graduate students with high quality, discovery-based educational experiences that transcend the traditional boundaries of academic fields, and foster collaborative research in the computational sciences. The CSCVR’s computational resources are being utilized to solve complex problems in the sciences ranging from the modeling of ocean waves to uncovering the mysteries of black hole physics.

Check out the conference webpage for more details.

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