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UMass Lowell’s Fabric Innovation Center will create intelligent materials


UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hub is home to a $10 million Fabric Innovation Center (FIC). Sponsored by the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), which will focus on creating advanced, technology-enabled, internet-connected fabrics and intelligent materials.

Malcolm J. Thompson, Executive Director of NextFlex, said, “The opportunity to work together marks an important milestone in the advancement of FHE (Flexible Hybrid Electronics) and ‘smart fabrics.’”

“The Fabric Discovery Center seeks to spur a new generation of textile manufacturers and high-tech jobs,” said Julie Chen, the vice chancellor for research and innovation at UMass Lowell. “The center will look at creating fabrics that incorporate technology to detect, for example, when a wearer is dehydrated or that can be wrapped around pipes so companies know if there’s a leak, or be inserted into the body to help organs heal.”


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