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Alum Publishes New York Times Bestseller

Inder Sidhu, who earned his master’s degree in 1983 from our Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, has become a bestselling author. Sidhu, a senior vice president of strategy and planning for Worldwide Operations at Cisco, wrote the New York Times bestseller, Doing Both: How Cisco Captures Today’s Profit & Drives Tomorrow’s Growth, published recently by FT Press. In Doing Both, Sidhu offers a practical guidebook to leaders looking to move their businesses forward in face of new realities.

Doing Both has received praise from some of foremost business minds and reached the number-five bestseller position on in June. In his book, Sidhu identifies common business dichotomies and explores how successful companies avoid difficult tradeoffs and instead achieve bigger outcomes by “doing both.” Using this framework, he offers a unique view of Cisco’s consistent record of innovation and high performance.

As the description of the book reads, “Every day, leaders are faced with tough choices: perfect existing products or invest in future ones; develop individual superstars or build cohesive teams? Most leaders make difficult tradeoffs in order to pursue their objectives, but that usually leads to reduced expectations. Recognizing that in most cases business choices can complement and enhance each other, Sidhu shows how successful businesses avoid false choices and instead achieve bigger outcomes by Doing Both.”

As the world’s largest maker of networking equipment, Cisco routinely ranks as one of the most valuable brands and best places to work globally. A longtime executive, Sidhu was there for Cisco’s meteoric rise during the late-1990s boom years, experienced its rapid fall in the wake of the 2001 dot-com bust, and helped the company through its gradual recovery and eventual return to prosperity. He shows how Cisco has more than doubled its revenue, tripled its profits, and quadrupled its earnings per share over the past seven years.

Sidhu is a member of Cisco’s Operating Committee and also co-leads its Emerging Countries Council, which focuses on fast-growing regions such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and the Middle East. From 2006–2009, Sidhu co-led the Enterprise Business Council, which is responsible for Cisco’s corporate business, representing about half of the company’s total revenue. Since joining Cisco in 1995, Sidhu has held executive leadership positions in the Sales, Services, and Business Development groups. He has served as the vice president and general manager for Worldwide Professional Services, vice president and general manager for Advanced Engineering Services, and vice president for Strategy and Business Development. (July 2010)