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Anderson Delivers Best Oral Paper at IEEE NANO Conference

Professor Neal Anderson of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department was awarded first place for the Best Oral Conference Paper at the 12th annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE NANO), the top IEEE annual conference in nanotechnology and one of the biggest nanotechnology conferences in the world. The paper, co-authored by Anderson’s graduate students Ilke Ercan and Natesh Ganesh, was entitled "Toward Nanoprocessor Thermodynamics." As ECE Department Head Christopher Hollot noted, “This is a very exciting and newsworthy accomplishment, and I believe it’s a harbinger of the discipline’s further recognition of Neal’s contribution to understanding fundamental limitations in the engineering of nanoscale computing.”

“Computer processors generate a tremendous amount of heat, which is a already major problem for current processor technology,” Anderson explained about his paper. “As new generations of computing technologies emerge - technologies based on dense networks of nanoscale components - power efficiency and heat removal concerns will become even more critical. This paper shows how emerging nanoprocessor designs can be evaluated in terms of the minimum amount of heat they must dissipate to perform specified computational tasks, as dictated by fundamental physical law.”

The 2012 IEEE NANO conference was held from August 20 to 23 in Birmingham, UK. An earlier paper from Professor Anderson’s group, presented by lead author Ilke Ercan, received a Best Paper Award at the 2011 IEEE NANO conference in Portland, Oregon. (September 2012)