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Janaswamy Publishes Pioneering eBook on Engineering Electrodynamics

Ramakrishna Janaswamy

Ramakrishna Janaswamy

Professor Ramakrishna Janaswamy of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department recently released his groundbreaking eBook, Engineering Electrodynamics: A collection of theorems, principles, and field representations, published by IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics). Janaswamy celebrated the eBook release with a live 45-minute webinar held on December 2, during which he explained why he wrote his book and the research behind it, what the future holds for engineering electrodynamics, and why this book is needed now more than ever.

As described by the publisher, “Engineering Electrodynamics deals with key theorems and principles that form the pillars on which engineering electromagnetics rests. In contrast to previous books, the emphasis here is on the underlying mathematical theme that binds the specific geometries.”

IOP Publishing goes on to say the relevant background material for the understanding of the various theorems is included in the book. After the theorems and principles are expounded, detailed examples are worked out, which further shed light on those involved. 

“This book also includes comprehensive material on some recent developments such as transformational electromagnetics and stochastic representations,” says the publisher. “Detailed accounts of relevant complex variable theory, Bessel functions, and associated Legendre functions in the appendices make this book self-contained and suitable for graduate and advanced study.”

Janaswamy’s professional interests include the topics of analytical and computational electromagnetics, deterministic and stochastic radiowave propagation, antenna theory and design, system theory, mathematical physics, and wireless communications. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and author of the book Radiowave Propagation and Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications. (January 2021)