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Advising Resources

Undergraduate Programs Office, ECE

Ms. Barbara Hastings
Marcus 207
413.545.2441 (office)
413.545.4611 (fax)

Chief Undergraduate Advisor, ECE
Undergraduate Program Director, ECE

Prof. William Leonard
Marcus 8B
413.545.3513 (office)
413.545.4611 (fax)

Director of Transfer Affairs, ECE

Prof. Dan Holcomb
KEB 309H
413.545.6593 (office)

Director of Experiential Learning, ECE

Prof. Baird Soules
Marcus 5J
413.545.4573 (office)

Domestic Exchange / Study Abroad, ECE

Prof. Michael Zink
KEB 209F
413.545.4465 (office)

Office of Student Affairs, College of Engineering

Ms. Dede Beach
Marston 126
413.545.4709 (office)
413.545.4787 (fax)

Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Engineering

Dean James Rinderle
Marston 129
413.545.5901 (office)
413.545.4787 (fax)

Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, College of Engineering

Dean Paula Rees
CEI Hub, Marcus 128
413.545.6324 (office)
413.545.4787 (fax)

Director of Academic Advising, College of Engineering

Dr. Bernd Schliemann (interim)
Marston 126
413.545.2035 (office)
413.545.0724 (fax)