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PHYS 152

Course Summary


General Physics II
(Electricity & Magnetism, with Thermo.)




PHYS 151  General Physics I
MATH 132  Calculus II



Other restrictions




Minimum grade needed to graduate


Term(s) offered

Fall, Spring, Summer

Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite


Honors version / section



  • BS-EE are strongly advised to complete PHYS 152 before they enroll in ECE 333 (Fields & Waves I).

  • PHYS 152 is not needed to be admitted to the College of Engineering or to be admitted to the BS-CSE or BS-EE major.

  • A student who passes this course, but earns below C, is not required to retake the course, but may choose to retake the course to improve his/her cumulative GPA. Note that it is the last grade, not the best grade that counts. For more information, go to Course Retake Policy.

  • To take at another institution (other than UMass Amherst), an equivalent course must be Electricity & Magnetism for science and/or engineering majors, with either Thermodynamics or Quantum Mechanics/Modern Physics. Thus, it must be a 4-credit course, it must be calculus-based, and it must have a lab component. (For more information, go to Taking Classes outside UMass Amherst.)

  • Courses offered during the summer are administered by CPE (Continuing and Professional Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.

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