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PHYS 152

Course Summary


General Physics II
(Electricity & Magnetism, with Thermo.)




PHYS 151  General Physics I
MATH 132  Calculus II



Other restrictions




Minimum grade needed to graduate


Term(s) offered

Fall, Spring, Summer

Course(s) that use this one as a prerequisite


Honors version / section



  • BS-EE are strongly advised to complete PHYS 152 before they enroll in ECE 333 (Fields & Waves I).

  • PHYS 152 is not needed to be admitted to the College of Engineering, but it is needed to be admitted to the Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering major.

  • A student who passes this course, but earns below C, should retake the class. EE majors should retake the class as soon as possible, e.g., over the summer.  CompE majors can wait until the fall.  Note that it is the last grade, not the best grade that counts. For more information, go to Course Retake Policy.

  • To take at another institution (other than UMass Amherst), an equivalent course must be Electricity & Magnetism for science and/or engineering majors, with either Thermodynamics or Quantum Mechanics/Modern Physics. Thus, it must be a 4-credit course, it must be calculus-based, and it must have a lab component. (For more information, go to Taking Classes outside UMass Amherst.)

  • Courses offered during the summer are administered by CPE/OE (Continuing and Professional Education/Online Education), which means there is a fee to enroll. For more information, go to the CPE website.

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