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Science Elective

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Science Elective


3, 4


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Fall, Spring

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  • Starting with the class of 2019, all BS-EE and BS-CSE majors are required to take one Science elective.

  • The Science elective must be a course designed for science and/or engineering majors. The Science elective may be used toward a minor in another major.

  • There are five approved Science electives:

    1. BIO 110  Intro. Biology for Science Majors
    2. BIO 151  Intro. Biology I
    3. CHEM 111  General Chemistry for Science Majors
    4. CHEM 121H  Honors General Chemistry for Science Majors
    5. PHYS 287  Physics III - Waves & Thermodynamics
  • AP credit may be used to fulfill the Science elective.

  • To propose a different Science elective, fill out the Alternative Elective Request Form and submit it to the Undergraduate Programs Office. (The form can be downloaded here. The location of the Undergraduate Programs Office can be found under Advising Resources.)

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