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Course Summaries & Notes


Computer Science
Electrical & Computer Engineering
English Writing Program

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Computer Science

COMPSCI 121    Intro. to Problem Solving with Computers, using Java
COMPSCI 186    Using Data Structures
COMPSCI 187    Programming, with Data Structures
COMPSCI 250    Introduction to Computation


Biological Sciences Elective
CompE Electives
EE Electives
Life Sciences Elective
Social World Electives

Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 122    Intro. to Programming for ECE
ECE 124    Intro. to Digital and Computer Systems ECE 201    Analytical Tools for ECE
ECE 202    Computational Tools for ECE
ECE 210    Circuits & Electronics I
ECE 213    Continuous-Time Signals & Systems
ECE 214    Probability & Statistics
ECE 231    Introduction to Embedded Systems
ECE 241    Advanced Programming
ECE 244    Modern Physics & Materials for EE
ECE 296B    Beyond Data Structures
ECE 296C    Complex Numbers ECE 303    Junior Seminar
ECE 304    Junior Design Project
ECE 310    Circuits & Electronics II
ECE 311    Intermediate Electronics
ECE 315    Signal Processing Methods
ECE 322    Systems Programming
ECE 325    Computer Networking
ECE 331    Hardware Organization & Digital Design
ECE 332    Embedded Systems Lab
ECE 333    Fields & Waves I
ECE 334    Fields & Waves II
ECE 341    Algorithms for Computer Engineering
ECE 344    Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices
ECE 371    Introduction to Security Engineering ECE 415    Senior Design Project I
ECE 416    Senior Design Project II
ECE 499Y / T / P    Honors Research / Honors Project / Honors Thesis ECE 544    Trustworthy Computing
ECE 547    Security Engineering
ECE 558    Intro. VLSI Design
ECE 559    VLSI Design Project
ECE 564    Communication Systems
ECE 565    Digital Signal Processing
ECE 568    Computer Architecture
ECE 570    System Software Design
ECE 571    Microelectronic Fabrication
ECE 572    Optoelectronics
ECE 575    Intro. to Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECE 580    Feedback Control Systems
ECE 584    Microwave Engineering I
ECE 585    Microwave Engineering II
ECE 597x    Special Topics Courses in Electrical & Computer Engineering


ENGIN 112    Intro. to Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
ENGIN 191    Freshman Seminar
ENGIN 351    Writing in Engineering

English Writing Program

ENGLWRIT 112    College Writing


MATH 131    Calculus I (Differential Calculus)
MATH 132    Calculus II (Integral Calculus)
MATH 233    Multivariate Calculus
MATH 235    Intro. Linear Algebra
MATH 331    Ordinary Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers


PHYS 151    General Physics I (Mechanics)
PHYS 152    General Physics II (Electricity & Magnetism, with Thermo.)
PHYS 181    Physics I - Mechanics
PHYS 182    Physics II - Electricity & Magnetism