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Preregistration Information

CompE, EE, and upperclass PR-ENGIN majors with CMPSYS or ELECTRICAL subplans

(This is an brief overview of the preregistration process. For much more detailed registration notes, go here.)

Important Notice: Everyone has a "service indicator (code-RAC)" on their SPIRE accounts, which prevents enrollment, and which can be removed only by meeting with an advisor and having the advisor turn in a signed Course Selection Form.

Advising Procedure:

Step 1: Getting Started - Download your registration paperwork (a fillable Curriculum Worksheet and a fillable Course Selection Form), which are located on our ECE website under Forms & Documents. Your advisor will contact you to schedule an advising appointment and to discuss options for how the advising will take place [in person, email, phone, or online conferencing application such as Zoom, Skype, etc.]. If you do not receive an email from your advisor before Monday, October 25, contact Ms. Barbara Hastings ( for assistance.

Step 2: Getting ready for your Advising Appointment - Review your SPIRE (unofficial) transcript and write each of the grades from your transcript in the appropriate box on your EE or CompE Curriculum Worksheet using Adobe Acrobat or PDFescape. Enter a grade of "TR" or "AP" for all transfer or Advanced Placement courses that are listed as being satisfied on your Academic Requirements Report (ARR). For courses you are taking THIS semester, enter your best guess or range of possible grades, e.g., "B?" or "A-/B+". Review your ARR online, but please do not print out the report. Fill out the Course Selection Form as well, including a draft of your academic plan for next semester, and "sign" the form by typing your name into the appropriate field.

Step 3. October 25 – November 19, 2021: Meeting with your Advisor - Before your meeting, email both filled-out documents (a Curriculum Worksheet and a Course Selection Form) to your advisor, still as fillable forms. (And choose meaningful filenames, e.g., by including your name and "Fa21", so that your files are identifiable and unique.) You and your advisor will finalize your academic plan for Spring 2022, and your advisor will electronically sign the Course Selection Form. If you need to change the agreed upon academic plan later (e.g., because you failed to meet a minimum grade requirement in one of your classes this semester), you must first consult with your advisor.

Step 4. After your Advising Appointment - Your faculty advisor will electronically forward the signed Course Selection Form to Ms. Barbara Hastings. This is how you will get the RAC service indicator removed from your SPIRE account, which is the ONLY way you will be able to preregister for Spring 2022 classes.

Step 5. After your SPIRE Access Period Begins - Sign up for Spring 2022 classes beginning on the date and time of your Enrollment Appointment, as shown on your Student Center page on SPIRE.

Requirements for Admission to the CompE or EE Major:

In order for an undergraduate to be admitted to the CompE or EE major, the student must: (1) be in good academic standing, (2) have a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher in the previous "regular" semester (fall or spring), and (3) have earned a C or better in each of the following seven courses:

ENGIN 112 (ENGIN 100, 110, 111, 113, 114, and 197E are also acceptable); ECE 122; PHYSICS 151; PHYSICS 152; MATH 131; MATH 132; and ENGLWRIT 112.


  • The Chief Undergraduate Advisor for ECE is Prof. Bill Leonard. He can be reached at

  • Credit for COMPSCI 121 might count as being equivalent to ECE 122. Contact Prof. Leonard for more information.

  • A grade of C- in any of the seven courses listed above is generally insufficient for admission to the CompE or EE major, and therefore, must be repeated. However, exceptions are being made for classes taken in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021. For Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 classes, any grade of P may be used to fulfill admissions requirements. For Spring 2021 classes, the grade underlying P will be used, and C- or above is needed to be admitted.

  • If you have not met one or more of the listed requirements, and you are not sure exactly when to take or repeat a course, contact Prof. Leonard.