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Admission to the College of Engineering

To be admitted to the College of Engineering you must...

  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above;

  • be in good academic standing; and​

  • earn a C or better in each of the following three courses:
    MATH 131
    PHYSICS 151 or CHEM 111
    ENGLWRIT 112


  • Good academic standing means you are not on probation, and you are not suspended or dismissed. In addition, your current status at the University must be "active". (You are allowed to be on Academic Warning.)

  • The appropriate major when you first switch into the College of Engineering is PR-ENGIN (Pre-Engineering). You should also choose a subplan, e.g., BS-CSE (Computer Systems Engineering) or BS-EE (Electrical Engineering).

  • Students might not be allowed to use transfer credit for one or more of these courses. For instance, in most cases, students with transfer credit for MATH 131 will need to earn a C or better in MATH 132 in order to be admitted to the PR-ENGIN major.

  • To find out if you qualify for a change of major, you may contact the Chief Undergraduate Advisor for ECE. (Contact information is here.)

  • To apply to change your major from outside CoE into CoE, go to:

    Change of Major Request Form