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Admission to the Major (CSE or EE)

To be admitted to either BS-CSE (Computer Systems Engineering), BS-CompE (Computer Engineering) or BS-EE (Electrical Engineering), you must...

  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above;

  • be in good academic standing;​

  • have a semester GPA of 2.00 or above in your most recent "normal" term (Fall or Spring); and

  • earn a C or better in each of the following seven courses:

    ECE 122
    ENGIN 112
    MATH 131
    MATH 132
    PHYSICS 151
    PHYSICS 152
    ENGLWRIT 112


  • "Computer Engineering" has replaced "Computer Systems Engineering" starting with students entering the major in Summer 2018.

  • Good academic standing means you have a cumulative GPA above 2.00, and your current status at the University is "active".

  • PHYSICS 152 (General Physics II) is now required to be admitted to EE, CSE, or CompE. (This policy changed in April 2018.)

  • Most engineering students are admitted to a major after their first year.

  • Transfer credit for any of these courses may be substituted instead.

  • If you have earned B or better in COMPSCI 121, then you might be able to substitute it for ECE 122. Contact the Undergraduate Program Director for more information. (Contact information is here.)

  • If you have earned C or better in COMPSCI 190D or COMPSCI 186, then you may substitute it for ECE 122.

  • If you have earned below B in COMPSCI 121, then you will need to take ECE 122.