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Course Retake Policy

  • Students may retake (once) any class with a grade of C– or below. Students are not allowed to retake a class with a grade of C or above. Students are also not allowed to retake a class for which they have transfer credit.

  • If a student wants to retake a class for which they have transfer credit, they will need to have their Transfer Credit Report updated. Students should talk to the Chief Undergraduate Advisor in ECE about this.

  • There is no limit to the number of courses a student is allowed to retake. (This has changed.)

  • A student might be allowed to retake a class a second time (i.e., take the class for a third time). Students need the permission of the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Advising for a second retake.

  • A student is not allowed to retake any class a third time (i.e., enroll a fourth time). If the course is needed to satisfy a graduation requirement, then the student must take the class somewhere other than UMass Amherst. (Prior approval is needed to take a class outside of UMass Amherst.)

  • A grade of W (withdrawn) does not count as having "taken" the class.

  • Only the last grade in a course is used in computing a student's cumulative Grade Point Average (cum GPA).

  • Note that it is the last grade, not the best grade, that counts. If a student is going to do worse than before, then they should withdraw from the class before mid-semester. (If a student just misses this deadline, they should contact the Undergraduate Programs Office.)