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Transfer Credit

  • When a student transfers into UMass Amherst from another institution, the Registrar's office will perform a transfer credit evaluation in an attempt to associate the student's previous coursework with UMass Amherst courses.

  • The Transfer Credit Report on SPIRE lists all the courses and other credits transferred into the University, and where appropriate, lists the associated UMass Amherst courses.

  • Credit is awarded only for grades of C– and above.

  • AP (Advanced Placement) scores and credit are treated as transfer courses.

  • Grades in transferred courses are not used to compute your University GPA.

  • There is a limit to the number of credits you are allowed to transfer into the University. As a result, sometimes a course will not appear on your Transfer Credit Report, or sometimes it will have zero credits associated with it, even though the grade is above D. To use one of these courses to fulfill a graduation requirement, contact the Director of Transfer Affairs for ECE (see below for contact info).

  • You are not allowed to take a class at the University for which you already have transfer credit. (This will show up as an Illegal Repeat.) However, you can have the association removed from your Transfer Credit Report, after which you would be allowed to repeat the class.

  • Once the Registrar's office has evaluated your courses, you can ask the Director of Transfer Affairs for ECE to evaluate other courses. Send detailed course descriptions (via email, if possible) or links.


  • Make sure that official copies of all of your transcripts have been sent to the Registrar's office. This should include your most recent semester. (It is quite common to neglect this, since many people are admitted to the University before the final semester is complete.)

  • Make sure that all of your AP (Advanced Placement) scores have also been sent to the Registrar's office. (Sending them to the Admissions office does not count.)

  • The Director of Transfer Affairs for ECE is Bill Leonard, Marcus 8B, 413.545.3513, Contact him for more information about any of these topics.