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VLSI Circuits And Systems Group (VCSG)

  • Interconnects play an increasing role in all electronic and information systems, allowing fast and high bandwidth communication both on-chip and off-chip.
  • Synchronization of systems with robust and adaptive clocking systems are a very important aspect of the most advanced multi-core microprocessors.
  • 3D technologies are emerging and present great opportunities but also new challenges in interconnect, thermal issues, mixed-technologies and power delivery.
  • Power consumption continues to be a challenge in battery-powered, wall-powered and now even wirelessly-powered systems.  Increased power density and especially device leakage, leads to increasing temperature which must be sensed and mitigated both at design-time and run-time.
  • Side-channel Leakage and On-Chip Monitors: Power consumption, timing information, temperature, faults and electromagnetic radiation all can be monitored to optimize the system as well as to attack and divulge secret information in the system.
  • Finally, computation and communication  in the presence of uncertain manufacturing process, voltage noise and temperature has become a primary design issue.

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